We design the tools that allow you to manage your business.
Together, let’s create the future of your company.

About our AGENCY

Based in United Kingdom and Singapore, effective worldwide with team members in France, Monaco, Vietnam, and Morocco,
DBB is a brain storming company working in custom apps development, data science, data engineering and data security.


What is it, where is it going? We study your needs and your way of working, we offer you efficient solutions to optimize your methods


With or without a prototype, we develop your future tools, test the functions by validating the progress together


After validation of the development phase, we move to the pre-production then, following the test results, your solution is ready to change the way you work

What we can do for YOU

Custom apps are tailored platform developed to meet the specific business needs of your organization and / or profession.
DataBaseBank is competent in the design of tailor-made, scalable and reliable business applications.

Fully tailor-made solution

Fully tailor-made business applications, usable locally and remotely

custom cloud development

Web applications, accessible from any Internet browser and on any fixed or mobile platform

web & social design

At the same time (or not), we develop your Internet and social networks showcase

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Our cloud custom apps

We use only proven and reliable solutions.
To ensure a high level of security and performance we use the latest technology and take great care to update systems and platforms used by our customers.

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What's Clients Says?

A software ceases to be a tool if it becomes a burden, we do our best to make our platforms user-friendly and the user experience pleasant.

(Testimonials are real, only names and photos are inaccurate for privacy reasons)

Without our application, we could not have been able to anticipate the scale of the Covid crisis. Thanks to it we were able to take the necessary measures on time, set up remote work, continue to take care of our customers and save our business.
Damon Snyder
As a legal and financial consulting firm, we had to manage, analyze and use tons of documents to respond in the most accurate way to our clients. The predictive structure and tools based on artificial intelligence have radically improved our efficiency
Carl Padron
With more than 140 employees around the world, our cloud platform allows us to manage all our activity, without worrying about time or place ... In the end, our customers appreciate our responsiveness and availability.
Denise Delacruz
The industrial process requires rigor, the tools developed have helped us to optimize our production chain in a simple, user-friendly and efficient way. The implementation of the management of our upstream supplies has greatly simplified our vision
1 head office, 23 branches, 11 production sites and 7 storages, how to make everything work? They did and we are happy about it
Anette Jackson

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Our team of Project-Leaders, developers and consultants supports you throughout the development and deployment of your tailor-made custom solution.

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